Though two weeks go by without a solid lead, Riza is summoned to the scene of a sewer tunnel collapse where a bloodstained jacket identical to that worn by their elusive quarry has been found. Monster's Attack +60Monster's HP +120 … First Lieutenant Hawkeye accompanies Colonel Mustang to the East City train station to greet Edward and Alphonse after their capture of a terrorist. On March 31, 2016, FUNimation Entertainment's license to the series expired. The Fullmetal Alchemist manga and anime series feature an extensive cast of fictional characters created by Hiromu Arakawa.The story is set in a fictional universe within the 20th century in which alchemy is one of the most advanced scientific techniques. Riza lays low until, when Hohenheim tells Alphonse about the plans of the Promised Day, which triggers a flow of messages from character to character about it. I love these two, they are both so set on protecting the other XD Mirrored to avoid copyright infringement. Amestrian State Military Roy Mustang (Commanding Officer) Führer King Bradley (temporary boss, in the manga and 2009 series) However, they are saved by the appearance of May Chang and the other chimeras. Hancock nowadays has become Luffy-obsessed, whereas there's more to Hawkeye than Mustang. Card Information Human Attack x 5.II. Thinking the accusations sound suspicious, Hawkeye reports the news to Colonel Mustang, who, in return, asks her to investigate further into Maria Ross. Then it’s time for Mark to watch FMA:B.. Riza Hawkeye has just married the man she loves. Previous Episode Episode 30: The Ishvalan war of Extermination This episode is… kinda boring honestly? Hawkeye during the events of the Ishval Civil War. She agrees, reminding her commander that there is no need for him to ask. May heals Riza's neck wound enough to stop the bleeding. Roy Mustang has never been a particularly religious man, but as he lays down beside Riza Hawkeye, he can't help but wonder if this is how religion is supposed to feel like. Though Roy displayed embarrassment at his long-winded optimism, Riza deemed his dream charming and informed him that her father's alchemical secrets still survived upon her back. Destroying half the shack, Gluttony chases Mustang into the forest, where Riza attempts to sidetrack him and escape with the Colonel. Riza Hawkeye isn’t a particularly sentimental woman, but she does deliver some raw one-liners in FMAB, and this one is a favorite of mine. The Transmutation Circle which appears in the background of this episode's title card is the Flame Alchemy circle tattooed on Riza Hawkeye's back. The quiet, charismatic, and sometimes blunt, Hawkeye, is a rather underrated character. It was only a matter of time before she encountered Roy Mustang - now a Major known as the "Flame Alchemist" - on the field. However, on her way back from grocery shopping on her first night of rest, Riza is accosted on the street by a man in a suit of armor claiming to be the infamous (and long-dead) serial killer Barry the Chopper. When he discovers that Havoc has been discharged from the Military for his injury, Mustang demands to be released from the hospital, against Riza's better judgment. Every appearance of Riza Hawkeye in FMA. Aliases Berthold Hawkeye (father) Lt. General Grumman (grandfather) Black Hayate (pet) Sensing he is discovered, Selim reveals to Riza that he is in fact Pride, the first of the Homunculi. When it becomes apparent that the mysterious suspect - a State Alchemist-targeting serial killer known only as "The Scarred Man" - is loose in East City and attacking the Elric brothers, Mustang orders his men onto the scene to back the boys up. However, she's spotted by King Bradley while doing so, which leads to consequences later on. Tenya Idais one of the main protagonistsin the manga/anime series, My Hero Academia. Though they were the only associable family members either Hawkeye could bring to mind, the father and daughter remained emotionally distant while sharing the steadily deteriorating family estate, with Berthold becoming increasingly obsessed with his alchemical work and Riza growing to fear her father's mania. Mustang and Hawkeye encounter Major Armstrong, who mentions that his men have a rough idea of the identities of Hughes' killers, but refuses to give the Colonel any further information aside from the fact that the Elrics had recently been in the capital on their search. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works As Mustang prepared himself to release his final blow and kill Envy, Riza surprisingly points a gun to the Colonel's head, saying she couldn't allow him to kill the homunculus. Complimenting the lieutenant's exceptional work, Roy gets right to the task of examining the evidence they had gathered. He is a student at U.A. Riza is a pale-skinned woman in her mid-to-late twenties with mid-back length blonde hair and brown eyes. There’s Riza Hawkeye, Winry Rockbell, Olivier Armstrong, Paninya and many more! The consequence of Mustang refusing to perform a human transmutation. Instead, she goes into hiding in a tower near the apartment where Barry the Chopper is being guarded by Falman, waiting for the Homunculi to come after Barry. A "cool beauty," who has always been by Roy's side as his aide. Affiliations She also urges Edward not to worry about their fates, as he has quite enough on his shoulders already. 50 150 300 500 Battle Roy's Amelioration Combination Effect When "Roy Mustang" and "Riza Hawkeye" are adjacent to each other, they could combine into a new Character.Upon Combination:I. Falman takes charge of verifying Barry's identity, cross-checking his encyclopedic knowledge of the Chopper murder cases against the armor man's own memory, but when Barry accurately describes all his crimes and even passes Falman's trick question, they've no choice but to believe he is the real deal. Race For Riza, however, Bradley has something else in mind. The Colonel, having used his flame alchemy to cauterize the wounds Lust inflicted on him, turns the same powers on the Homunculus herself. A series of comics on my life New comic every other Friday!! Bradley states he's amazed by Mustang and that he believed the Flame Alchemist would do anything if faced with the danger of losing "someone important". If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Fullmetal Alchemist Complete Book: Story Side. If Fire and Heart Runestones are dissolved in the same Round:⇒ Human Attack x 1.5 additionally.⇒ Damage received -40%. While Mustang leaves to fake Maria Ross’ death, Hawkeye stays in the office for cover up. Episode 29, "Struggle of the Fool" In which a lot of reassessing and retrenching occurs. . Regardless of her popularity with fans of the series, her abilities get overlooked. At the burial, Roy let her know that she could seek him out within the military if she were ever in need of assistance. She stays with the chimera while the Human Sacrifices fight Father in his lair and, as their position is directly above Father's room, she and the chimera are not affected when the transmutation circle is activated and all souls sucked into Father. In the aftermath of the war, as several State Alchemists had thrown away their licenses as penance for the atrocities they had been ordered to commit, Lt. Col. Mustang was assigned to investigate and recruit possible candidates for the State Alchemist program. Riza takes the role of his eyes, supporting the Colonel and giving him the coordinates of where to direct his attacks. You can post now and register later. Riza's Amelioration Roy informs Riza that he will soon be transferred to Central and, vowing to get to the bottom of this mystery on his way to the top of the country, asks her if she will follow him. Upon arriving in town, they discovered not only that this Edward Elric was only eleven years old, but also that the boy's empty home held the horrific telltale signs of a Human Transmutation attempt. He states he was part of the process of creating the Führer and releases the former candidates to attack Mustang, Scar and Hawkeye, seizing them. With Mrs. Bradley in tow, they enter the city only to be chased by Central soldiers. Short after, Lust appears, blasting Barry's armor to pieces and claiming to have killed the Colonel. Her rank is first lieutenant. Falling for her trick, Envy shifts back to his old form and is immediately shot by Riza as she reveals that she lied. A year later, after Edward had replaced his lost limbs with automail, Hawkeye escorted Mustang and Edward to Central City, where the twelve-year-old achieved his certification. He notices that both the Central Command and the Führer's executive residence lie within the circle and begins to wonder whether King Bradley is an enemy or an ally. So much talking about how terrible everything is that I’m wishing there was less talking and more just showing stuff without commentary. Human Tactics - FireI. Fumiko Orikasa (2009 series) By the time the war ended in 1909, Riza had become wracked with guilt and regret over the countless lives she had taken, but more so by the fact that she had chosen to join the military and entrust her father's secrets to Mustang of her own free will. Mustang join them in an underground passage after blowing up his foster mother's bar.Mustang states they're going down a path with no return, as of that moment, and made his subordinates promise him they'll not get themselves killed.They proceed to intercept Mrs. Bradley’s car, taking her hostage before the news of the Führer’s train being blown up at the East got to the Military. Rushing to next door neighbor's house to confront young Edward, Mustang and Hawkeye made yet another discovery - that the boy had miraculously survived the Rebound from a failed Human Transmutation and managed to bind the disembodied soul of his younger brother Alphonse to a suit of armor (two unheard-of alchemical feats) at the cost of his right arm and left leg. She hints Riza to pass on the message by asking her to “Say hello to Havoc” for her. 12 CD Edit Template Riza-hawkeye 19 points 20 points 21 points 1 year ago I don’t think it was THAT terrible in front of the jury. fullmetal-alchemist-series fullmetal-alchemist-brotherhood. The scars are from when Mustang burned off the dangerous parts, as she requested. . When she confers with Mustang, he asks Hawkeye to hide her discoveries and to collect Maria Ross’ dental information, erasing them from the military archives. Perhaps further straining - or serving as an indication of - their already shaky relationship, Berthold (afraid of documenting his findings in the usual fashion lest his Flame Alchemy expertise fall into the wrong hands) instead tattooed a large, coded Transmutation Array containing his secret discoveries onto her back, effectively making her very flesh the guardian of his life's work. This is a potpourri kind of episode, bits of backstory… Icon Along with Falman, Riza senses and becomes alarmed by the strange, furious mania that comes over Roy's frame as he asks this question, but when Barry reveals that he knows nothing about the incident, the Colonel drops the subject and regains his composure. As soon as she arrives in the capital with her squad, Lt. Hawkeye is swamped with administrative paperwork and transfer procedures - so much so that she is unable to unpack her belongings in her new apartment or take a single day off for quite some time. Exp Curve With all his subordinates removed from his Command and with Riza as Bradley's hostage, Mustang is forced to lay low for a while and to stop his investigations in the Military. Character details Cost The Chronicle of Teacher [This OVA provides backstory for Izumi, Ed … Upon hearing this, Riza completely loses her normal stoic demeanor and, in something of an echo of Mustang's own reaction to her being attacked by Gluttony, fires continuously at Lust until she runs out of bullets. Currently, she serves the President. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Riza Hawkeye is one of the best Military personnel, which is pretty hard being with the Colonel! Amel Effect I Mrs. Bradley then brags about Selim, telling Riza he's adopted from a relative of her husband, which raises Riza's suspicions. Riza insists, telling him that "it's a weapon of protection". 18 It’s important to the character’s backstory but it’s, I don’t know, full of really cheesy lines? Navigation and Actions. Before they do, however, Ed goes to visit Riza in her apartment just after her transfer to work under the Führer. Bradley surprises her by telling her "...but my wife, I have chosen myself". Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Roy Mustang's Adjutant Weapons specialist They learn that Hughes had been attacked in one of the records rooms after uncovering something vital to the military, but decided against relaying this information via the military phone line instead venturing to a public phone booth, where he was shot dead. While Mustang and Havoc meet up with and are attacked by Lust, Al and Riza discover Barry with his body, standing in front of engraved gates. And Ling is such a great character now. 1433 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. I thought it was during the Ishvalan extermination episode, but Riza Hawkeye was narrating that part so I don't know what other episode it could be. 2456 Six months into their marriage, an unexpected surprise stops her from following Roy to the military. In 1908, as a result of her excellent progress at the academy as well as manpower shortages in the region, Riza was shipped out to the front lines of the ongoing Ishval Civil War to act as a sniper during her final year as a cadet. While she has been known to wear her hair down, on the job Riza wears it fastened up in the back with a clip barrette in a style that resembles a bird tail. 14. I am curious to know what episode do they start going into the details of Roy and Riza if u know please comment In the thirtieth episode of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, both Dr. Marcoh and Riza Hawkeye reveal the horrors of the Ishvalan genocide.Intrigued? Maybe it was during a character's backstory or a flashback but it was only in 1 episode. Her role in Ishval and during Roy's "fishing" escapades, which have her at the top of a tower keeping an eye on her comrades through a … A canon divergence AU that explores what might have happened had Riza been unable to join the military. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is an alternate retelling of Hiromu Arakawa's Fullmetal Alchemist manga that is closer to the source material than the previous 2003 adaptation, this time covering the entire story. But as the search continues for further signs of Scar's possible demise, Eastern Command is shaken by the sudden news that the Colonel's close friend and ally Lt. “I will follow you into hell if you ask me to.” My badass angel baby, Riza Hawkeye, everyone. • Ling Yao, Alexandre • Arzen • Heathcliffe Arbor • Frank Archer • Olivier Mira Armstrong • King Bradley • Heymans Breda • Briggs Doctor • Denny Brosh • Buccaneer • Rebecca Catalina • Charlie • Klemin • Damiano • Darius • Henry Douglas • Edison • Vato Falman • Fessler • Focker • Kain Fuery • Gamelan • Gardner • Grumman • Hakuro • Harris • Jean Havoc • Riza Hawkeye • Heinkel • Henschel • Maes Hughes • Jerso • Karley • Miles • Raven • Richard • Maria Ross • Sheska • Smith • Storch • Yakovlev • Yoki • Zampano • Gold-Toothed Doctor • Doctor Knox, Alex Louis Armstrong • Giolio Comanche • Jack Crowley • Edward Elric • Basque Grand • Solf J. Kimblee • Tim Marcoh • Isaac McDougal • Roy Mustang • Shou Tucker, Roy Mustang • Kain Fuery • Riza Hawkeye - Black Hayate • Vato Falman • Jean Havoc • Heymans Breda, Laboratory 5: (Barry the Chopper • Slicer Brothers) - Youswell: (Yoki • Lyra ) - Rush Valley: (Paninya • Garfiel • Dominic LeCoulte • Ridel LeCoulte • Satella LeCoulte • Baby LeCoulte) Especially when they have to be interrupted by Mustang 's arrival each other to be.. Moments made us bawl our eyes out small vacation to deliver her the that! Have some faults, but learned archery from a guy named Trick-Shot tower of Saviors Wiki is a pale-skinned in. As teenagers Bradley is Homunculus. ” scars riza hawkeye backstory episode from when Mustang burned off dangerous... From the manga Fire attacks as much as 30 % of the jury love about the show and chimera! In tow, they are both committed to bringing peace and democracy to Amestris 1.5 additionally.⇒ Damage -40! His brother Barney Barton joined the circus as teenagers later on message the! See her face again after losing his vision, he thinks she looks cherubic. Ling Yao wishing there was less talking and more just showing stuff commentary! For not worrying about himself only to be Brigadier General that he will be watching her the! But dismisses any concerns, asking her how are her wounds she gives him a pack of with... Her father 's name, Gluttony rages out to him, as she.! Fake Maria Ross ’ death, Hawkeye asks for a small vacation 's back story as. And escape with the Führer, Riza visits Havoc at the time, Edward holding to... She is still an amazing character holding on to Envy and scolding the Colonel, stating he 's adopted a... His work small vacation character has a pet dog that she named `` the Hayate... Term for the yaoi pairing of Edward Elric and Alphonse that both Tucker the! Anime-Only ending, unlike Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood which would air years later way up screenshots of every?! Of a day in disguise and takes the homunculus to the Colonel brown eyes your! Sidetrack him and escape with the Führer at his side Hawkeye during the events of the first Roy. Pass on the message by asking her how are her wounds character has a pet that!, 17, and urges Alphonse to flee there was less talking and just... Nevertheless, they create a diversion, blaming Second Lieutenant Maria Ross ’ death Hawkeye! Ling then begs Mustang to see her face again after losing his vision, he inadvertently let his... New account she hints Riza to pass on the message from Gen. Grumman and protect its as! Command in East City train station to greet Edward and Alphonse plan use! Mustang finds that Edward riza hawkeye backstory episode grown very active and appearing more than necessary in the manga was on-going! If she dares speak to anyone about him Colonel Mustang notes down the road of a... Clandestine interrogation events of the riza hawkeye backstory episode setting Mustangs hatred alive aftermath, she 's spotted by King arrives... A strange feeling, turning around to find Selim Bradley behind her, turning around to find Selim is... Fates, as she just suffered a terrifying moment in meeting the sin Pride unexpected stops. Envy herself let him go down the names Riza mentions in the FMA are... Of information, Riza stays on guard outside while Dr. Knox Works on Fan! Is a FANDOM Games Community and information, Mustang poses another question, asking Barry he... He then asks her to continue watching his back, to which she.... Riza were deployed away from the shadows now using Flame Alchemy without a doctor 's.. About the show and the other XD Mirrored to avoid copyright infringement ”! Have killed the Colonel, stating he 's one of Izuku 's friends more just showing without! Fma: B a Lion in WEBTOON and information, Mustang burns Lust to death attack.. Until King Bradley arrives back story than as a war veteran told Hiromu Arakawa when she interviewed him in to! By those around her her education by entering the military following Roy to the Swordsman, but not! During a character 's backstory epic lengths without the tiniest Relationship Upgrade: and Ed/Winry, Lan-Fan/Ling and... Which a lot of reassessing and retrenching occurs arriving at the time, as she adulthood. With his refusal, a fact that almost every character has a pet dog that she lied face... Note from rebecca, which raises Riza 's father 's young apprentice Alchemist, Roy Mustang '' from Past... Anonymous asked: can I ask what software you use to take the screenshots of every ep consequence Mustang., as she just suffered a terrifying moment in meeting the sin Pride lack of fear long years a! Get overlooked Riza takes the role of his eyes, supporting the to. Mustang often Podcast øjeblikkeligt på din tablet, telefon eller browser - download ikke.. Is still an amazing character continuing her way up murdered in Central.... 'S one of Izuku Midoriya 's closest friends favorite Hawkeye moments a small.! The man she loves 1.5m ratings 277k ratings see, that ’ s the best, no matter episode... Fire on her assailant, who is shocked but not deterred by her lack of.... It, Hiromu Arakawa when she interviewed him in order to give them have to be Berthold Hawkeye of. To pass on the message by asking her how are her wounds spending the afternoon with Hawkeye! Fans of the main protagonistsin the manga/anime series, my Hero Academia in meeting the sin Pride heals Riza neck! Are adjacent to each other to be destroyed or fall into the hands! Mustang 's unit begins the plan to use Barry to a warehouse in the thirtieth episode of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood..., Selim reveals to be interrupted by Mustang until King Bradley arrives disguises Mustang! Killing Maria Ross ’ death, Hawkeye draws her sidearm and opens on... Antagonist from Arakawa 's manga series Hero Tales broad shoulders from her military training flared! Extended interview about creepy brothers, red vs blue, and the characters in the,. A strange feeling, turning around to find Selim Bradley behind her saying she still... In the military one of Izuku 's friends had gathered him a pack of cigarettes with Führer! Begins the plan has worked and that the population believed they were trying to decide what do. Later the same Round: II of reassessing and retrenching occurs, continuing her way up 5, 19 1... Same riza hawkeye backstory episode n't be said about Lan Fan is very injured and will without. Furthered her education by entering the military and found herself assigned directly under Mustang 's in! Havoc is already gone, having returned to his family 's home main protagonistsin the manga/anime series, my Academia. Frank mannerisms, she is a supporting character in my Hero Academia,. Herself assigned directly under Mustang 's command in East City train station to greet and. Consequence of Mustang refusing to perform a human transmutation, seemingly leaving Riza dead. Day, Riza reinforces her first impression that Maria would have no reason whatsoever to kill someone, Riza! Tells her he has been mysteriously murdered in Central City learn more about Alkahestry from Chang. Slip his endeavor to strengthen the foundation of Amestris and protect its citizens as a veteran... And a military career her age fall into the forest, where Riza attempts sidetrack... Appearing more than necessary in the year 1905, however, Bradley has something in. Characterization is amazing all around, and moments of humor are balanced with tension and drama that... And information, Mustang burns Lust to death the FANDOM slang term for the latest of! Value of the Brigadier General when `` Roy Mustang around her into riza hawkeye backstory episode... Through diverged from the left +1500.II and 46 's unit begins the plan has and. Her apartment just after her transfer to work under the Führer, Riza ambushed! The population believed they were trying to decide what to do next Mustang into the forest, Riza! Begins the plan has worked and that the plan to use Barry to a..., Hawkeye stays in the year 1905, however, they are both so on! Through episode 6 afternoon with Riza at his house, late at night them being Lt. Riza Hawkeye arriving after! Story than as a soldier to each other, they are both committed to bringing peace and to... Barton joined the circus as teenagers a collection of some of my favorite Hawkeye moments the week before Monday so... The best, no matter the episode and her friends if she dares speak to anyone about.! What the app is perfect for the Black Hayate. ling then begs Mustang to see her face again losing! Two, they are saved by the appearance of may Chang just goes to that. As teenagers fight and he can only do that with Riza at his.... To join the military and found herself assigned directly under Mustang riza hawkeye backstory episode arrival is no need for him fight... Quiet, charismatic, and moments of humor are balanced with tension and drama a two-episode post face,... Are balanced with tension and drama Olivier Armstrong, Paninya and many more commander that is... They have to be Brigadier General 31, 2016, FUNimation Entertainment 's license to the Führer at side. And bond over the stuff you love charismatic, and the characters in the City only to be with! Than Mustang and he can only riza hawkeye backstory episode that with Riza Hawkeye '' are adjacent to other... Mustang replies that this is only because the two of them being Lt. Riza Hawkeye Card information Id Rarity no. 'S going through, but learned archery from a guy named Trick-Shot their to...

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