I remember like if it was today the first time I installed Linux in my computer. I was 12 years ago and I bought a magazine, from Spain, that came with the CD of Red Hat 6.1. I completely destroyed my partition table with Disk Druid, that I don’t know how could recover later. Once the installation was complete,  several days after the issue, I started to fight with my monitor to use 1024 x 768, the only way was using a very low horizontal frequency between 50-60 Hz, but I had to fight with Vertical frequency as well to get it working. Once working as the frequency was low it wasn’t really good for my eyes but it looked[…]

Imagine that you are back in the past when the internet was just text and the only way to communicate with other people was IRC. Well, it’s possible to connect to almost everything with bitlbee. I’m sure most of you already know probably about this, but I didn’t know until yesterday and that’s why I’m blogging about it. Installation As simple as: yum -y install bitlbee Configuration Edit the file /etc/xinetd.d/bitlbee and change “disabled = yes” with “disabled = no” Start xinetd service xinetd start; chkconfig xinetd on First steps Set up your favorite IRC client to connect to localhost:6667 , as bitlbee works a local IRC server in your computer,  you could easily try to connect to it with[…]