I have created a Fedora 23 image for Hummingboard/Cubox-i. I will also create a Fedora 24 image as soon as it is released.

The MD5 hash of this file is aa854909d5e3c9f76a964635b9c4f790

If you want to make a backup of your database or just want to create a dump to migrate your db to another provider, you need to do these steps: 1. Connect to your running application trough SSH. To do that you need to click this link on OpenShift and run the displayed command. 2. Create the dump using this command:

3. After that you can scp the dump to any location you want.

If you are trying to upload a WordPress site to OpenShift you will have to make the following adjustments to your wp-config.php file:

/** MySQL database username */ define(‘DB_USER’, $_ENV[‘OPENSHIFT_MYSQL_DB_USERNAME’]);

/** MySQL database password */ define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, $_ENV[‘OPENSHIFT_MYSQL_DB_PASSWORD’]);

This will help WordPress to use the environment variables that OpenShift setup to connect to MySQL.

I have created 2 Fedora 21 images for the HummingBoard and Cubox-i. http://vps1.mkreder.com/Fedora-Mate-armhfp-21-5-sda.raw.xz MATE http://vps1.mkreder.com/Fedora-LXDE-armhfp-21-5-sda.raw.xz LXDE I will create a XFCE based image too, soon. In order to extend the root filesystem on this image, you need to run:

More information about Fedora on these boards can be found on this github page

A month ago (or so) we decided to start organizing an event focused on Fedora here in Buenos Aires. The objectives for the event were: Get new contributors for the local Fedora community Grow the interest and show more presence of Fedora on the local community Bring all the ambassadors from Argentina together to talk about FUDCon 2015 Fedora 21 Release Party The organization was good, we thought of all the required tasks and we assigned owners for each one. Eduardo Echeverria (echevemaster) helped a lot by setting up the event’s website.  Leo, Rino, Mariela (our new ambassador) and myself divided the remaining tasks. We met Leo and Fabio who came from Brasil on Wednesday night for an organizational dinner.[…]