A month ago (or so) we decided to start organizing an event focused on Fedora here in Buenos Aires. The objectives for the event were: Get new contributors for the local Fedora community Grow the interest and show more presence of Fedora on the local community Bring all the ambassadors from Argentina together to talk about FUDCon 2015 Fedora 21 Release Party The organization was good, we thought of all the required tasks and we assigned owners for each one. Eduardo Echeverria (echevemaster) helped a lot by setting up the event’s website.  Leo, Rino, Mariela (our new ambassador) and myself divided the remaining tasks. We met Leo and Fabio who came from Brasil on Wednesday night for an organizational dinner.[…]

Last week I attended CISL. The event was good, several people came to our stand to talk about Fedora and ARM (I brought a HummingBoard and a Raspberry Pi). I had the pleasure of meeting with Jon “maddog” Hall, director of Linux International. We took a picture together and then he told me about the community effort of translating assembler code into C or ASM compatible with ARMv8+ (aarch64). Two candidates to the ambssadors team also came to talk and learn more about FOSS events. La semana pasada estuve en la CISL. El evento estuvo bueno, bastante gente se acerco a nuestro stand a hablar sobre Fedora y ARM . (Yo lleve una HummingBoard y una Raspberry Pi) También tuve[…]

La semana pasada asistimos al CISL 2013. Tuve la oportunidad de dar una charla sobre virtualización y me impresionó lo interactiva y participativa que fue. Mucha gente tiene experiencia en este tema hoy en día y es muy bueno poder compartir experiencias. Estas son algunas de las fotos que sacamos: Last week we attended the CISL 2013 event. I gave a talk about Virtualization and was very impressed by how interactive and participative it was. A lot of people have experience with this topic nowadays and it is nice to share experiences. These are some of the pictures that we took: