I have created 2 Fedora 21 images for the HummingBoard and Cubox-i.



I will create a XFCE based image too, soon.
In order to extend the root filesystem on this image, you need to run:

More information about Fedora on these boards can be found on this github page

3 thoughts on “Fedora 21 LXDE and MATE versions for HummingBoard

  1. Pino Toscano says:

    You can use virt-resize (http://libguestfs.org/virt-resize.1.html), part of libguestfs, to expand in a safer way (no need to be root, for example) partitions within a disk image.

  2. How well is the graphics card working under Fedora 21? I’m also interested in the hardware accelerated video playback with VLC or mplayer.

    1. Matias says:

      Cristian, The interface is working ok. It is usable. However VLC is still giving black screen on playback. I am working on that.

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